About driveaddict media
Based in Salt Lake City, UT, we began as a small group of friends/enthusiasts brought together by a common interest. Originally started in 2003 by Josh Bennett and Thaddeus Howard as a BMW only club, we have since broadened our ranks to include Audi, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen vehicles (sometimes exceptions). With the BMW CCA the only form of organization for BMW enthusiasts, we decided to create something new; something that would be appealing, fun, and not have any sort of obligations or club dues. We started organizing group drives, BBQ's, and other get-togethers, the word spread and the club started to grow. We finally got around to throwing a webpage up to share our enthusiasm and to hopefully attract others with similar interests. We're glad you stopped by.

Our little group has definitely been through some changes and struggles over the last couple of years. People have moved on and our interests have matured and morphed. Now our primary interests lie in creating premium euro automotive media for all of you to enjoy. Photoshoots are again becoming a regular occurance and enthusiasm is high. I hope you enjoy your visit here and we welcome you to come back again to watch for new media to be posted.

If you are interested in attending an activity or would like to contact us to join our entourage of enthusiasts, please send one of us an email from the team page.

- Josh Bennett